Medical Staff

Meet the Team

Our doctors are state licensed physicians with over twenty years experience in Lifestyle and Preventive Medicine that specializes in the use of natural remedies for the treatment and prevention of disease. After studying the results of various forms of medicine for over sixty years we are fully convinced that God has a better plan.


Roby Sherman, MD


Image of Female Medical Director Dr. Roby A. Sherman

Dr. Sherman’s parents taught her the importance of natural remedies as a young girl. After her father died, she and her mother moved to Wildwood.  As she grew older, Dr. Roby continued to incorporate her knowledge of natural remedies having qualified first as a nurse and then while serving as the director of nurses for  Wildwood Hospital. She moved on to qualify as a physician. Dr. Sherman has been practicing lifestyle medicine for the past twenty-one years. Her passions outside of caring for the sick include cooking, exploring nature, playing the piano, and studying the Bible.

Justin Neubrander

Physician Assistant

Image of Physician Assistant

Justin Neubrander was born and raised in central Florida. He attended college at Seton Hall University in New Jersey and graduated with a Master of Physician Assistant degree. Subsequently, he worked with patients diagnosed with autism and other pervasive developmental disorders; this is where he found an introduction to alternative medical practices. Through a fear of the Lord, a willingness to be led, and God’s providence, Justin continues to grow and practice healing principles via natural remedies at Wildwood.