Wildwood Physicians Practices


Wildwood Physicians Practices, you may make appointments with our physicians through our scheduling department. As an outpatient, you have access to the EKG, X-ray, and laboratory services. You also have access to our hydrotherapy, massage and spa services as prescribed by our doctors.

Lifestyle Center


LifestyleToday, people everywhere are suffering from illnesses and diseases of the modern world. Long-term heath studies have confirmed that theses can not only be prevented but also reversed by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

For over 70 years, Wildwood Lifestyle Center has been using natural remedies in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle as an effective means of treating many of today’s degenerative diseases. Our licensed physicians have a thorough knowledge of disease and conventional treatment, as well as the knowledge and application of natural remedies such as Hydrotherapy, Massage, Exercise, Diet, and Botanical Medicine.