Wildwood Center for Health Evangelism trains young people from all over the world to become missionaries through its Health Evangelism, Lifestyle Coaching, and Ministry Management courses. Every six months at the end of the courses, graduates have the opportunity to go on a month-long mission trip abroad to teach Christians health evangelism there. We mostly send missionaries to countries where there isn’t much of a Christian presence. Our most recent graduates will serve in countries in Southern Africa and Asia.*

Mission Trip Costs

  • Students need to fundraise to cover their own tickets, which can sometimes be up to $2,000 per person.
  • We buy materials for a health expo in the language that is spoken in that country, that we use during the trip, and then leave with the organization that invited us to be used again in the future.
  • We need extra cash that the group leaders carry with them in case of an emergency.
  • And other miscellaneous costs.
  • The organization that invites us covers our food, housing, and travel expenses while there. These are no extra costs for us.

Changing Lives

Sending graduates on these mission trips doesn’t only change the lives of the people in the country they visit, it touches their own hearts as well. They get to put into practice what they have learned, and experience the true power of health evangelism. Click here to read Karen Purba’s experience with serving in a country in Asia.*

We Need You

Would you be willing to consider donating to help a student cover ticket costs, or to help the Center for Health Evangelism with any other costs that come with future mission trips? You will receive a report at the end of the mission trip that you sponsored.

*Due to safety reasons we cannot always mention in which countries we serve.