Shops on Campus

Our campus shops are filled with a variety of unique foods, books, and materials.

Country Store

Our country store is filled with unique ingredients suitable for a healthy lifestyle. Many of these ingredients are unrivaled at bulk discount prices.

Herb Shop

Our physicians often prescribe botanical medicines. Botanical medicine is the use of plants as an aid to healing. Plants are used for their medicinal values, specifically to stimulate your immune system and to quicken your recovery from illness. Botanical medicine also offers the benefits of drugs without the marked side effects. Wildwood’s Herb Shop contains all the herbs prescribed by our physicians and a large variety of supplements and resources for your benefit. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this world of resources. visit our online store here


After you have attended our 11-day Lifestyle Program you can take us home with plenty of reading materials that will help you stay in shape. In most cases we have the option to swallow medication or education and our bookstore has plenty of the latter.


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