Medical Services

Our Medical Professionals and counselors will create a personally tailored and holistic health care program for your health concerns.  With Medical Professional consultations, lab testing, and constant monitoring from our staff we are able to find the primary causes of most chronic conditions. Once we find the root of the problem, you will be able to work on regaining your health.

Medical Staff Visits

One of wildwoods doctors at a desk Our Medical Staff are trained in Lifestyle and Preventive Medicine that specializes in the use of natural remedies for the treatment and prevention of disease. They consult with the Great Physician before deciding each case and have a special interest in helping our guests to make lifestyle changes and improve their health. Our Medical Staff take time and care to address the individual health concerns and interests of our health guests.

At the start of each lifestyle program each medical participant will be seen by one of our Medical Staff for a complete medical history and physical examination. During the lifestyle program there are further follow up visits with the Medical Staff to monitor progress. Our medical staff will create a program which will specifically address your health concerns, and which will include hydrotherapy, massage, botanical medicine, dietary and exercise recommendations.


1xrayLab Work A complete blood chemistry panel is included at the beginning and end of each lifestyle program for every medical participant. Should the Medical Staff suggest that additional lab work would be important, this is available at an additional charge.

Diagnostic Testing

Should the Medical Staff suggest that the medical participant might be benefited by additional diagnostic evaluation such as x-ray or EKG, these are available at an additional charge.




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