Success Stories


Many of these people were just like you, with the same kinds of medical problems, when they came to spend time with us at Wildwood Lifestyle Center. Do take some time and read how their lives were changed and know that their success stories can become your success story too!

On the first day of my program I weighed 215lbs and for years I had only been able to breathe out of one nostril.  After working with the wonderful people on the Wildwood Lifestyle staff, I weighed 209 lbs, I could breathe out of both nostrils at the same time, and my overall cholesterol went down.

David, Weight Loss

I was experiencing numbness and tingling in my arms, hands, feet and legs with gradual loss of all my fine motor skills and most of my gross motor skills and bad migraine headaches. I also had difficulty walking and keeping my balance. One of my migraine headaches left me with slurred speech, nausea and extreme weakness. I was admitted into the hospital and a series of testing, and I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. During my eight day stay in the hospital, I was given 3000 mg of steroids and a host of other medications to combat the side effects of the steroids.

Michelle S, MS

A friend introduced me to Wildwood and I came wanting relief from crohn’s disease and dealing with heart palpitations.  Before arriving at Wildwood I had not been following a healthy diet. The whole food plant based diet was superb.  I learned a lot from the daily lectures, and the cooking classes taught me how to prepare nutritious meals and eat a well-balanced diet.

Norah, Crohn’s disease

When Calvin came to the Lifestyle Center for an 11-day program, he was dealing with inflammation from a torn meniscus in his knee after a military career that included service in Vietnam. This problem was made worse by his lifestyle habits. At 252 pounds, Calvin says “I was obese from following man’s plan of finger-lickin’ chicken that will eventually lick you.”

Calvin B., Weight Loss

I was diagnosed with cancer at age 31. This devastated me when I heard the words Stage IV Colon Cancer. Right away I didn’t give myself any hope. Never did I imagine a chapter like this for me. Often question God why me? Then the answer is usually why not?

Vanessa, Cancer

I was given a wake-up call six months ago when I was diagnosed with diabetes. I did not want to be on medication and had the desire to control my diabetes naturally by diet and exercise alone. I decided to attend the Wildwood Lifestyle Program to learn how to control my diabetes naturally.

Patti B., Diabetes, Weight, Rosacea

When I came to Wildwood, I was SICK of being sick. At the age of 23, I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus and was placed on many medications which could cause weight gain, hair loss, bone loss and depression just to mention a few side effects. Subsequently, the lupus attacked my kidneys and I had to do hemodialysis for four hours, three times a week, for most 9 ½ years. Fortunately, I received a kidney transplant after being on the waiting list for two years

Dia, Lupus

The last time I attended here my health improved dramatically. I had been on three medications for my blood pressure and I had skipping heart beats, but while at Wildwood I was able to eliminate all of those medications and found that I no longer had the skipping heart beat. I had come with five arteries partially blocked and I have been able to avoid bypass surgery. Before I left my blood sugar was under control.

John L, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Mobility