Diabetes 2

Be inspired by reading our reversing type 2 diabetes success stories. You may be able to reverse your diabetes symptoms in as little as four days. Our guests learn how a healthy lifestyle helps you to cure and prevent this lifestyle disease.

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For over 70 years, Wildwood Lifestyle Center has been working with nature to heal the body. God’s natural remedies, in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, are an effective means of treating many of today’s diseases. Specifically designed health programs have demonstrated remarkable success in treating Diabetes-Type 2:

Audrey’s triglycerides came down during her 25-day stay at Wildwood.

“How Randy was able to cut his insulin in half!”

“Richard and Kenneth were both able to lower their blood sugar in 25 days.”

“Mary Anna was able to lower her blood sugar.”

I was able to come off my diabetes medication in just 4 days.

“After the first day I stopped taking all my medications.”

Diabetes 2 | Success Stories – Written Testimonies

Read written Testimonies / Success Stories of our Guests who enjoyed their time at Wildwood Lifestyle Center.

  • Barbara H. “The days I stayed at Wildwood, my blood pressure reverted to normal and I no longer needed to take my blood pressure pills…”
  • Jane N. “As I leave Wildwood, I am no longer on pills or insulin, and am using natural remedies. I am so happy,…”
  • John L. “when I left Wildwood I was walking approximately two miles per day and was breathing very well…”
  • Ken E. “I was taking less significantly less insulin than when I arrived. I no longer needed to take anything for my blood pressure…”
  • Patti B. “I was able to get off my diabetes medications! My blood sugars have now stabilized…”
  • Ruth P “Wildwood was a little piece of heaven for me…”

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