High Blood Pressure

Be inspired by reviewing the testimonies of our lifestyle guests. Most of our health guests are able to normalize their high blood pressure without medication. They learn how to improve their health through simple, natural remedies and tasty, healthy foods.

Be sure to review our testimonies on high-cholesterol reduction as well.

For over 70 years, Wildwood Lifestyle Center has been working with nature to heal the body. God’s natural remedies, in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, are an effective means of treating many of today’s diseases. Specifically designed health programs have demonstrated remarkable success in lowering high blood pressure:

While I was here I came off 2 of my 3 blood pressure medications.

My improvements here at Wildwood have been excellent.

I have seen one miracle after the other.

“My blood pressure is a lot better since I’ve been here.”

“My stress levels came down and my blood pressure dropped.”

“My blood pressure went from 180/108 to 108/70 in 25 days!”

“Young was able to lose weight and lower both his blood sugar and blood pressure in 25 days.”

Written Testimonies

  • Lee “I lost 19 pounds, my blood sugar is under control, as is my blood pressure[…]”
  • Barbara H. “[…]my blood pressure reverted to normal and I no longer needed to take my blood pressure pills.”
  • Earl B “[…]my blood pressure and cholesterol readings are now normal again[…]”
  • Jane N. “[…]the doctor was able to eliminate the insulin for me[…]”
  • Ken E. “I no longer needed to take anything for my blood pressure.”
  • Robert F. “[…]my body is toned and tight, energy is back. I now walk and exercise on my own.”
  • Collin K.  “I was amazed by the love, smiles and help I received from the lifestyle staff and students, as well as other departments.”

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