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Be inspired by reviewing the success stories of our lifestyle guests experienced during their stay with us. You can succeed in optimizing your health by changing your lifestyle. We teach you what to do on a daily basis in order to improve and maintain your health.

For over 70 years, Wildwood Lifestyle Center has been working with nature to heal the body. God’s natural remedies, in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, are an effective means of treating many of today’s diseases. Specifically designed health programs have demonstrated remarkable success in optimizing health.


I have been here for 11 days without cheese and I have not had cheese withdrawals.

If you had told me two months ago I would be a vegan I would have laughed at you! Don’t knock it till you try it.

My daughter and her husband said this is the best vacation they ever had.

Coming to Wildwood saved my life.

My improvements here at Wildwood have been excellent.

You can’t leave Wildwood without changing.

In just a few days I lost 8 pounds, changed my eating habits, and feel better.

Written Testimonies

Read written Testimonies | Success Stories of our Guests who enjoyed their time at Lifestyle Center

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