Be inspired by the weight success stories of Wildwood lifestyle guests who were able to lose weight and get healthy through changing their lifestyle habits.

For over 70 years, Lifestyle Center has been working with nature to heal the body. God’s natural remedies, in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, are an effective means of treating many of today’s diseases. Specifically designed health programs have demonstrated remarkable success in this area:

Everything has improved dramatically.

“I overcame my food addiction.”

“Richard was able to lose a significant amount of weight in 25 days.

“I lost ten pounds in 25 days!”

Young was able to lose weight and lower both his blood sugar and blood pressure in 25 days.

My improvements here at Wildwood have been excellent.

Written Testimonies

Read written Testimonies | Success Stories of our Guests who enjoyed their time at Lifestyle Center.

  • Jose “…I’ve lost eight pounds and most important, my glucose levels have significantly dropped.”
  • David “I could breathe out of both nostrils at the same time, and my overall cholesterol went down.”
  • Lee “I lost 19 pounds, my blood sugar is under control, as is my blood pressure,…”
  • Barbara H. “I lost seven pounds, and my knee was so much improved…”
  • Earl B. “…my blood pressure and cholesterol readings are now normal again, and so far I have dropped four pounds in eleven days.”
  • Ken E. “…I never imagined I could ever walk that much.”
  • Patti B. “I was able to get off my diabetes medications!”
  • Robert F. “I lost six pounds. But even better, my body is toned and tight, energy is back.”
  • Ruth P. “…I am going home 10 pounds lighter and with my diabetes better controlled. “


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