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For over 75 years Wildwood Lifestyle Center, Clinic, Farm, and Natural Food Market have been forerunners when it comes to natural health. Here at Wildwood Health Food Market we sell a huge variety of organic and non-GMO grains, legumes, and herbs in bulk, which makes for great prices. We also sell all kinds of vegan and vegetarian foods, organic honey, and produce straight from Wildwood's organic farm. No toxic pesticides used!

Customers love our natural soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, and lotions. We stock a large variety of teas, supplements, natural remedies, and health foods at prices far below that of the big retail stores. By shopping at Wildwood Natural Foods Market, you know that you also directly support Wildwood Health Institute, a non-profit organization that has helped thousands of people reverse their illnesses naturally. Welcome to Wildwood!

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What People Say

  • I really enjoy shopping here. Much cheaper than Wholefoods in Chattanooga or the Village Market in Collegedale. Definitely worth a drive up here and it's super close to exit 169 at I24W. I really like the herb store too. The staff are very knowledgeable. They really take their time to explain which herbs and teas were good for me.

    Danielle Robinson

  • One of the best health food stores in Chattanooga. (10/10)

    Evalena Burpee

  • Great people! They are always helpful and very informative. I love ❤️ shopping 🛒 there.

    Denise Worpell

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