We share health with you

Natural Health Talks

We come and share health talks with your community.

Our talks inspire audiences to live healthier while addressing lifestyle issues and remedies including:

8 Laws of health
Diseases & their treatments
Simple home remedies
Cooking classes
Herbal remedies demo
Hydrotherapy demo
Community health expo
Health consultations
and more

We offer 3 different kinds of health seminars depending on your community needs.

Half-day Seminar

We will come to your area and conduct a seminar or health expo explaining the laws of health with a brief Q&A.

Full-day Seminar

The full-day seminar includes everything in the half-day seminar, but also includes a workshop of choice like a cooking class or hydrotherapy demonstration.

Weekend Seminar

The weekend seminar includes everything in the half-day and full-day seminars and includes all the worshop demonstrations we offer as well as a health expo.

Why we talk.

Wildwood has been educating communities about natural health and lifestyle habits since 1942. As part of our mission, we believe in sharing with those who would like to make a lasting change in their lives. Our health talks are tailored for your community and are effective in both educating and providing sustainability so people who want to get healthy, can say healthy. Our seminars teach about natural health laws, and disease prevention, and offer resources for home remedies.


How much does it cost?

Free: We do request that a “free will” offering be taken and that we be permitted to sell books and materials at the events. (There is a $500 deposit required for cooking class ingredients if applicable)

Accommodations: We ask that your organization provide us with food & lodging for the duration of the event.

Travel Expense: $0.55 per mile per vehicle for travel expenses (round-trip from Wildwood Health Institute) or expenses associated with air travel and car rental.

Do you share christian principles in your talks?

Yes! Wildwood is a non-profit christian organization with health educators presenting health principles from a biblical perspective. Our focus is the health of the whole person using natural methods that address physical, mental, and spiritual needs.

How far will you travel to share health talks?

We are available to travel wherever the need is. We only ask for our travel expenses and accommodations to be covered.

How many team members do you send?

Our Health Expos and Health Weekends are conducted by our Education Department Staff and Lifestyle Educator trainees. Depending on the size of the program, we typically send 3-4 members for health weekends.

Will you share a talk if my community is small?

Yes! We believe in sharing health to communities great and small! We also provide tools to equip your organization to continue sharing the gift of health long after we are gone.

What We Provide

Dynamic & Practical Presentations

Heart Disease
Obesity & More!

One-on-One Consultations

Private Session
In-Depth Assessment
Biblical Approach
Natural Remedies

Interactive Cooking School

Exciting Recipes
Audience Participation
Cookbooks – In – Hand
Provided Meal
Questions & Answers

What You Provide




Sound system

Promotion & Sales

Allow our team to promote & sell our health products

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