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Wildwood is dedicated to offering education and natural healing to restore humanity. Discover more about our mission and vision to learn how we aim to serve our community and the world.

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Wildwood has many career opportunities. Click the link to learn more.

Medical Missionary Training

Become a medical missionary in just six months or study online. This training is designed to give you all the skills you need to go out and reach the world through the health message.

AdAgrA | Wildwood

Join us for the AdAgra “Growing Together” Southeast Agriculture & Homesteading Conference from July 17-21 on the Wildwood campus. Click below to register.

    Clinical Medical
    Assistant Program

    Clinical Medical Assistants (CMA) are crucial in patient care. Students will learn to complete the tasks associated with being a Clinical Medical Assistant.

    Lifestyle Center


    Medical Observer Program Info



    Physician or Mid-Level Practitioner

    See outpatients and lifestyle guests in the Wildwood Clinic, and treat them with lifestyle medicine, natural remedies, herbs, and if necessary conventional medicine. Work in a Christian mission field where providing spiritual care is encouraged.


    Plant-Based Assistant Chef

    Join the team of chefs who cook plant-based meals daily for the guests at the lifestyle center. Play an essential part in their journey toward physical, mental, and spiritual healing.


    Student Cafeteria Chef & Manager

    Work as a manager and chef in the student cafeteria where you will daily, with a team of students and volunteers, prepare whole food plant-based meals to feed hungry students and staff.

    For more opportunities, see the Careers page.

    Lifestyle Center

    “I would definitely recommend Wildwood to those who want to reset their lifestyles. It has been a wonderful and memorable time for me.”

    Leslie Louis
    President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church Carolina Conference

    Center for Health Evangelism

    “Wildwood was like a fountain in our lives, it’s refreshing water opening our eyes. We finally understood was it meant to be a missionary. Now our business is a ministry, and we are helping many people through it. We couldn’t be happier as we use our talents for God.”

    Raúl and Neila

    Natural Food Market

    “I was impressed by the knowledge and friendliness of the staff, and how well they kept the shelves stocked during the Thanksgiving sale. They have a wide variety of items at a very good price. It was well worth my one hour drive.”

    Carolyn Ellis


    “I came to the Wildwood Clinic multiple times with brown recluse bites. In my experience the natural remedies that the provider prescribed for me were way more powerful than a cream I would have been given at the ER.”

    Denise Trenton