Wildwood Natural Farm

Welcome to the Farm!

Wildwood Health Institute has its own farm where year-round produce is grown naturally.* This produce is used in the kitchens at the lifestyle center and the Center for Health Evangelism. It is also sold fresh daily in the Natural Food Market on Wildwood’s campus, for the community to enjoy. The type of produce that is sold there depends on the season. Lastly, the farm sells produce to local restaurants and stores in the Chattanooga area.

*Wildwood Natural Farm is not yet certified as a natural or organic farm.

Farm Newsletter
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Volunteer Opportunities

Have you always been interested in upping your gardening skills? Come volunteer on our farm. We accept anyone from the local community with any skill set in gardening or farming. Please contact our farm manager through the phone number mentioned below.

The Wildwood Natural Farm, as part of Wildwood Health Institute, is a non-profit. We are open to receive donations.

Natural Food Market Hours

Sunday:  3pm – 6pm

Monday:  10am – 6pm

Tuesday:  10am – 6pm

Wednesday:  10am – 6pm

Thursday:  10am – 7pm

Friday:  10am – 1pm

Saturday:  Closed