As a missionary training hub we offer various programs and workshops to our local community as well as people abroad. Our training programs provide practical skills for anyone interested in using natural medical practices for the mission work.

Lifestyle Medical Observer Program

Practice medicine in a very unique way. Focus on lifestyle change to reverse disease, and natural remedies with less side effects than conventional medicine. Incorporate Christ into your practice, the true source of health and healing. Learn more »

Medical Seminar Weekend

Learn the latest natural techniques for managing Type 2 Diabetes. Hear from experts, and participate in interactive discussions. Enhance your understanding, and better serve patients. Learn more »

Survival Weekend

Join us for our biannual survival weekend where you’ll learn practical survival techniques, such as how to make a fire without matches, foraging, shelter building, and so much more. Learn more »

Center For Health Evangelism

CHE is one of the oldest missionary schools in the United States. With teachers from all over the world coming from various industries—with expertise in health evangelism, business evangelism, and personal evangelism—you are in the right place. Learn more »