Give to Wildwood or help support our partners abroad!

Thank you for your interest in supporting Wildwood Health Institute. Your financial aid will help us continue providing physical, mental, and spiritual support to those in need.

Wildwood Campus Projects

These initiatives are part of Wildwood’s campus-wide efforts to better serve the community and sponsor student expenses. Help our greatest need!

Campus Housing

Lifestyle Room Renovation

Worthy Guest Fund

Spa Renovation

Student Cafe

Better Living Center

Worthy Student Fund

W.D. Frazee Historical Restoration

Greatest Need

Bible Work

Student Mission Trip

Gift of Your Choice

Missionary in Need of Surgery



Textbook Production


Gratuity Gift

farm tunnel

Farm Equipment

Cert Equipment

CERT Equipment


Medical Seminars

International Projects

Additionally, we provide ways for donors to support our foreign partners.

India: AG Lifestyle Center Student Program

India: Jeeva Jyothi Lifestyle Center