Spring is here, which means that crops can finally be grown outside again at the Wildwood Natural Farm. “We are waiting for the rain to pass so that we can start planting crops in the our field”, says farmer Nick. So far he is aiming for (cherry) tomatoes, okra, sweet potatoes, and greens such as kale to be the main crops this year. Then there are some crops he will grow in smaller quantities, such as watermelons and cucumbers. Those will be sold in the Wildwood Natural Food Market, and used to supply the kitchens in the lifestyle center and Center for Health Evangelism.

Nick: “We have also grown some relationships with restaurants, juice bars, and Adventist ministries in the local area. Whenever we have any crops left over, we will sell those to them to make some extra money for the Institute.”

Nick is excited about the start of a new season. He just transplanted the first tomatoes in one of the greenhouses. “Now all that we need is good weather so that we start working outside.”