Vaccination Statement

Ever since 1942, Wildwood Health Institute has been helping people on their journey toward healing and restoration. We believe in the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the use of simple, natural remedies in the prevention and treatment of disease. We encourage individuals to optimize their immune system by following the principles of good nutrition, exercise, rest, sunlight, pure air, use of water and trust in divine power. COVID-19 vaccination has caused much controversy throughout society. We encourage everyone to carefully examine the scientific evidence available for themselves and prayerfully decide, along with their own personal health professional, how they will best manage the health of God’s temple – their body. In fact, we encourage this approach for all medical decisions, including the decision of whether to vaccinate or not to vaccinate against COVID-19 or any other disease. We believe this decision, just like any medical decision, is a matter of personal choice that should be respected.

Immune Boosting Resources

The majority of those who contract COVID-19 will be able to recuperate at home. If you’re worried that you’re being attacked by the virus, we have some resources that can help you strengthen your immune system and fight back! Click the link below for more information.