Wildwood’s media team has breathed new life into the student founded YouTube channel DIY Health. The platform that was supposed to be a means to promote the lifestyle center with plant-based cooking videos and health tips has gotten a facelift. Also, subscribers can now expect new uploads every Friday.

The goal behind the channel was to grow it enough to where it could become another source of revenue for the institute. Inspired by many other YouTubers that make quite a big income with advertisements, brand deals, and products for sale that are related to the channel, a student from the Ministry Management course set off to grow DIY Health as much as possible. But pretty quickly it turned into just videos for Wildwood’s Facebook page, and the YouTube channel was set aside.

The media team decided to build on the foundation that was laid by the student and started uploading to the channel again. Besides the facelift the channel got, they also changed the plant-based cooking videos to an actual series under the name Cooking With Carin, and have added another series called Natural Remedies. Videos on gardening and the use of herbs are possible new topics for future release.